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    Kelly is one of the best artist in the L.A. area – after having 2 trials, I ultimately decided to go with Kelly.  My mom was giving me such a hard time because she kept asking me WHY won’t I do my own makeup on my wedding day and that I should save money… it’s a crazy idea to me… I tell her impatiently “Because!!! It’s a stressful day!! The last thing I want to worry about is how I looked!!!!!”

    She listens to you carefully, and she is meticulous – with a steady, confident hand, and superb accuracy of placement.  From one artist to another, she has an excellent eye for color and proportion – All I had to do is sit there and relax – and, in hindsight, that was the most calming 2 hours of my wedding day, and I really really needed it. The quiet time helped me stay calm and happy and so I could actually enjoy my wedding day.

    Other than for my wedding and the other trial I had with the artist, I’ve had my makeup done once more when my sister-in-law got married~  Objectively, Kelly was the best out of the 3 artists, which is why I am writing this review. 😉  She is worth every cent I paid her – can’t say the same thing about the DJ we hired though! lol…

    I can’t thank Kelly enough… My experience as a client with Kelly inspired me to want to give the same experience to my own clients.  I think you are crazy not to hire her for your wedding day.  If someone asks me for a referral for LA area, I always recommend Kelly.  If you have additional questions about Kelly’s services, please feel free to ask me via yelp messaging.


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