My korean mother-in-law insisted that I try Ra Beauty Core for my bridal hair, makeup as well as skincare. At first, I was hesitant because I had already found my hair and makeup vendor and did a trial and liked it.

However, she insisted because Ra Beauty Core is the go-to place for young brides in Korea. She told me it was the Beverly Hills of Korean Salons. I was still hesitant because I don’t speak Korean!!! It was uncomfortable at times to be honest~ But! Fortunately, Kelly, the Senior Director of Makeup speaks English and showed me the different bridal looks from a look book and gave me different ideas about how I could wear my hair.

Kelly was very professional and very friendly as well – but most of all, she knew the type of look I wanted, and she was very open to suggestions. The hairdresser, Kyung Hee Kim, was also excellent, and we managed even without speaking the same language.

I didn’t recognize the Korean celebrities on the wall, because I don’t follow korean pop culture, but my brother-in-law, commented how all the korean celebrities are on Kelly’s wall! So! I assume, this is where they get their makeup done as well! haha

But of course, high quality makeup and fashion at a high-end salon does not come without a pricetag. Just keep that in mind~ But in my opinion, if it is once in a lifetime thing, perhaps you could at least check it out and call and ask for Kelly, and she’ll help you out!

I would give 5 stars but because of the language limitation that the salon provides as a whole (even though Kelly speaks English~) ~ but it made me feel slightly uncomfortable~ It was hard to communicate to the former esthetician (she doesn’t work there anymore) and she would over-squeeze and pop my pimples~!! too painful~  But the overall service was excellent~~! 🙂

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